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Parramatta Local Court

Parramatta Local Court - 12 George Street Parramatta 2150

Bainbridge Legal criminal law practice is conveniently located near Parramatta Local Court and the Parramatta Justice Precinct. We appear in Parramatta Local Court on a regular basis.

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Parramatta Local Court

Parramatta Local Court sits every weekday. It is situated in the Parramatta Justice precinct along with the District Court, the Children's Court, the Federal Circuit Court and the Family Court of Australia. The address of the Parramatta Local Court is 12 George Street, Parramatta 2150. The registry of the court can be contacted by telephone on (02) 8688 4088 and by fax on (02) 8688 9602.

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Our lawyer regularly appear in Parramatta courts. The Family Court Parra and is only a short walk from Parramatta Local Court and the Parramatta Justice Precinct.

Parramatta Local Court

Parking for Parramatta Local Court

The best parking for Parramatta Local Court is generally in one of the nearby privately owned multi-level car parks. The closest and most convenient car park for our clients is the multilevel car park on Hunter Street which is only a few meters from our Parramatta Office. The cost of parking is usually around $16 for a full day with lower rates for shorter stays. There is limited metered parking in the surrounding streets however it is usually quite difficult to find a spot.

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Bainbridge Legal criminal and traffic lawyers appear regularly before the Parramatta Local Court Magistrates and understand the intricacies and preferences of each individual Magistrate. Armed with this knowledge and experience, you can trust Bainbridge Legal to present your case in the most effective and persuasive manner possible. When choosing a criminal lawyer to represent you in Parramatta Local Court, it is important to choose a solicitor who is not only experienced in the area of criminal law but also someone who appears regularly before the local Magistrates at Parramatta. With so much at stake, do not risk your matter by engaging anyone else.