Traffic Offenders Intervention Program (TOIP)

Traffic Offenders Program

What is the Traffic Offenders Program?

The Traffic Offenders Intervention Program (TOIP) is an education course run through the local court for drivers who have breached traffic laws. It aims to increase awareness of road safety and consequences of breaching road safety rules. The Traffic Offenders Program acts as a deterrent to stop offending drivers from offending or re-offending by providing the necessary information to enhance attitudes about reckless and dangerous driving. The Traffic Offenders Program is regulated under the Criminal Procedure Act 1986 and aims to provide the relevant court with a credible sentencing or rehabilitative option.

Traffic Offender Program

When do I attend the Traffic Offenders Program?

If you have been found guilty of a traffic offence or entered a plea of guilty in the local court the presiding Magistrate may order you to complete the TOIP within a specified time frame. Once the order is made your traffic matter will be adjourned for a number of weeks to allow you to complete the course. Once the course has been completed the course provider will submit a report to the court regarding your attendance at the program.

You may also attend the TOIP if your lawyer suggests that it would be beneficial to your matter, if you agree to do so you should instruct your lawyer to seek an adjournment from the local court to allow you to complete the course. You should make enquiries with your nearest course provider about availabilities before seeking an adjournment from the local court. If for any reason you are unable to complete the course before your next court date you should seek a further adjournment to allow you to complete the program. You must ensure you have enquired with your course provider as to when you attend a catch up class before your next court appearance.

Traffic Offenders Program

Where can you attend a Traffic Offenders Program?

PCYC is the largest Approved Provider of Traffic Offenders Intervention Programs in NSW. PCYC aim to reduce the likelihood of re-offending by ensuring their sessions educate offenders on major road safety issues. Some of the sessions run through PCYC include:

Alcohol, drugs and driving
• Education regarding the law and court processes
• Education regarding the emergency service providers and the effect road trauma has on emergency services personnel
• Educating offenders about road safety statistics
• Consequences of breaching road safety laws

There are a number of private organisations across the Sydney metropolitan area that offer the TOIP. Call us today to assist you in enrolling in an appropriate course.

How much does it cost?

Each traffic offender program provider charges a different enrolment fee. You should check with your selected course provider as to how much the enrolment fee is prior to commencing the course and prior to advising the court where you will be attending. For more information, call one of our traffic law solicitors today.

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