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Our Blacktown attorneys believe that commitment to a client and service of the highest quality are the building blocks to an attorney establishing a long-term relationship with a client. This focus in our lawyers going that extra mile for our clients is the cornerstone of our legal practice.

In an era where attorneys increasingly provide legal services within a narrow field, we have a complement of solicitors and barristers who are able to provide expertise in a wide area of the law affecting individuals, families and businesses. This enables our attorneys to apply their collective knowledge and experience to deliver novel solutions to your legal matters.

Please contact one of our experienced Blacktown attorneys if you require legal advice or court representation.

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Family Law attorneys

Bainbridge Legal family law attorneys Blacktown have a wealth of experience in all aspects of family law. When a marriage or de facto relationship breaks down, we can provide advice on parenting arrangements and how the separation may affect your future contact with your children.

Property Settlement attorneys

Our attorneys practise in all areas of family law including property settlements. Our Blacktown family law attorneys can help you come to an agreement that meets your needs, as well as formalise that agreement by way of consent orders or Binding Financial Agreement.

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Contesting a Will and Family Provision Claims

Bainbridge Legal deceased estate attorneys can provide advice on and conducting challenges to Wills, and deceased estates and prepare of Deeds of Family Arrangement to vary provisions in Wills.

Probate attorneys

Our Blacktown probate attorneys can advise on preparing applications for grants of Probate and Letters of Administration

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Debt Recovery attorneys

Our Blacktown debt recovery attorneys can help you recover money owned to you or your business and in most cases can also recover some or all of your legal costs incurred during the debt recovery proceedings. Our attorneys can assist you with all legal drafting including preparing your Statement of Claim and filing a Notice of Motion for Default Judgment against the debtor (when the defendant has not filed a Defence within 28 days of being served with the Statement of Claim).


Our attorneys can represent you and prosecute or defend litigation in all Courts and Tribunals in New South Wales, including the Blacktown Local Court, District Court and the Supreme Court.


Estate Planning and Wills

Our Blacktown estate planning attorneys can assist you in the preparation of simple or complex estate planning documents and advise on general estate planning aspects relating to tax minimisation and planning and the benefits of testamentary trusts (discretionary trusts built into your Will).

Power of Attorney

Our Blacktown attorneys are experienced in all document drafting enduring powers of attorney and the appointment of enduring guardians.

Criminal Law attorneys

Our Blacktown criminal law attorneys can provide legal representation for all criminal offences including assault, drug, property, and sexual offences. If you have been arrested by the police you should not take part in an electronically recorded interview until you have spoken with one of our criminal law attorneys.

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Traffic law attorneys

Speak to one of our expert traffic attorneys about your court attendance notice, penalty notice or licence suspension matter. Our Blacktown attorneys can help with all traffic offences quickly providing you with the information you need to resolve your case in the most advantageous way possible

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