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Is it time to update your will?

This information page provides guidance on when it may be appropriate to consider updating your will.

Where do I file?

Deciding on the correct court to file in for family law cases can be difficult. You might be surprised to learn that in most cases you will not file in the Family Court of Australia.

defending an AVO?

This information page is designed to provide general information about the local court and procedure for AVO matters, including information on how a respondent might prepare for a defended hearing.

Family law - helpful information for parents

Are you a newly separated parent? This information page is designed to assist such parents with practical advice on how to avoid the common pitfalls of relationship breakdown while providing some helpful suggestions on how to manage and maintain civil communication with the other parent.

Lodging an appeal

Appealing a Local Court magistrate's decision in the District Court

Section 10

Section 10 of the Crimes (Sentencing Procedure) Act 1999 allows the Court to discharge an offender without a criminal conviction being recorded

Witnessing a Will

A brief explanation as to how a Will needs to be executed and witnessed in order to be valid.

Consent orders v binding financial agreements

The difference between consent orders sealed by the Family Court of Australia and Binding Financial Agreements which are not filed or sealed by any court.

Bail laws

An outline of the 2014 amendments to the Bail Act.

Contract for the sale of land

What is a contract of sale?

Fines and penalty notices

Answering the questions of what is a fine, and what is a penalty unit

Traffic Offenders Program

The Traffic Offenders Intervention Program is an education course run through the local court for drivers who have breached traffic laws.

Setting aside a BFA

A binding financial agreement could fail or cease to have effect in a number of circumstances – it may not be valid to begin with, it might be terminated or it could be set aside.

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Family Law Disclosure Obligations

If you are a party to property proceedings (whether they are parenting and property or solely property – including spousal maintenances cases) then you have a duty to provide full and frank disclosure of your financial circumstances.

wills and

You work too hard throughout your life to allow the government to determine where your estate should go. The only way to ensure your wishes are fulfilled is to have your will drafted by a legal practitioner competent in the area of estate planning.

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Starting a family law case

If you and your former partner are unable to reach agreement as to parenting and/or property issues in dispute it may become necessary to commence legal proceedings.

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